Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Plan A Trip To Ladakh Choosing Our Tour Package

Are you interested in traveling? Do you want to explore your travel in the city of Ladakh? Then you are landed on the right path of searching for your solution. You need to select the package in order to enjoy a relaxing tour experience in the city. Firstly, you need to choose the best luxury hotel in leh ladakh. We are considered to be one of the best guides to make your travel a memorable one. This city is famous for Buddhist monasteries. If you are searching for the Reasonable Hotel in Leh, then make a call to us to place your booking. Now let us have some additional information about this in the upcoming section.

  • Ø  Our packages include visiting the iconic monasteries and peaks in the city. You will be able to explore the Himalayan Kingdom.
  • Ø  If you are a newly-wed person, then offering the best place to stay in Leh Ladakh. Make a walk in the Frozen Pan gong Lake.
  • Ø  Select this package in order to enjoy the relaxing tour experience in the mountains of the city. You can enjoy green landscapes as well.
  • Ø  Offering the complementary services to our customers including breakfast, all meal varieties, free Wi-Fi and much more.

Now you have some idea about our package. Hence do not hesitate to book your request in our hotel. 24 hours customer care service will assure you of the convenience factor. If you are facing any issue, then you need to contact our customer care in order to solve it. The price is also very affordable when compared with the other service providers. Make sure to book in our best hotels in Leh Ladakh. There can have a variety of rooms from luxury to budget. You can able to choose according to your choice.

Monday, 29 August 2022

Enjoy the Pleasurable Stay with the Best Hotel in Leh


Travel to a beautiful destination is an excellent choice for many travelers to get rid of tension. Leh Ladakh is a peaceful travel destination to discover heaven. The travelers also access a comfortable staying option in Leh. 

Every year millions of people are very interested to visit such location for viewing the beauty of mountains and landscape. It remains a feat for travelers across the globe. It is better for rough weather, tough terrain, and beautiful scenery. You can visit famous attractions in the Ladakh region. It is an excellent chance for adventure seekers to enjoy different activities on the towering peak. 

You can acquire a travel plan from the right agency and get ready for the journey. There are lots of exciting activities waiting for you at this destination. The luxury hotel in Leh offers excellent accommodation at a reasonable price only that attracts travelers. The hotel offers a wonderful staying option with the necessary facilities. You can explore heaven like experience in the hotel and feel luxury throughout the trip. Leh is a popular tourist place in the Ladakh region. At a single place, travelers enjoy different things to realize the adventure journey. 

View the Himalayan range:

Leh is a highly visited destination when compared to other places in India. It is excellent for mountain scenery, ancient monasteries, and rich cultural and tradition of Buddhist. The travelers also interest in trekking and mountaineering activities in the Ladakh region. It is regarded as a great hub of different tourist activity. You can travel to a parallel range of Himalayas. The luxury hotel in Ladakh is best for travelers to gain peace and comfort. You can view the peak surround in the hotel. You can locate Ladakh and Karakoram Range along with Zanskar, shatok river, and Indus traverse via valley. 

The hotel takes you to inspire different things during the trip. You can find out the best hotel in this region. It is excellent for adrenaline backpackers and junkies with a multitude of treks, crystal clear valley, serene lakes, and fantastic landscape. It is labeled as the land of high passes. The mountain range takes trekkers to view the mighty Himalayas. The region is fine for heritage, culture, and natural beauty. The travelers take benefit from the best of luxury and comfort in the hotel. It is a perfect place for myriad travelers that varied from nature lovers, adventure buffs to enlightenment seekers. You can explore the budget friendly option in the best hotel. You don't worry about staying option in the Ladakh region and access luxury hotel as your wish. 

Enjoy the luxury travel:

You can pick up the best travel agency that well-known in arranging all the things required for the trip. The hotels in Leh Ladakh bring you a luxury room that comfort for stay. The destination is covered with the wide expanse of snow clad peak, stunning passes, treks, beautiful monasteries, and others. The travelers can access the budget and luxury option room. You can choose the hotel that located very close to popular attractions. You can keep an eye on the basic amenities and facilities available in the hotel. You can visit the official portal of the hotel and gain proper information easily. 

Get the friendly service:

In the hotel, professionals help you lot and provide service on time without making any delay. The best hotels in Leh Ladakh aid you to make the vacation more memorable. The hotel makes your stay pleasant and enjoyable. The hotel is an excellent option for travelers to gain a panoramic view of the peak. You can utilize different facilities in the hotel with no obstacle. You can visit the hotel booking portal today and choose the right hotel based on your needs. The hotel provides a well-furnished room and lets travelers to enjoy a dramatic view of the peak.

You can acquire the premium property with the modern facilities and amenities. The beautiful mountain ranges entice visitors very much in the hotel. So, you can try to choose the hotel that situated in close proximity to the region. The Leh Ladakh hotels provide the best accommodation that delight guest. You can see room image in the hotel and make the final decision to book them. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

How To Choose Best Leh Ladakh Tour Packages?

Are you planning for your honeymoon? Pristine beauty is what you will find at Leh Ladakh, that is guaranteed. The best season to visit Leh Ladakh is during the summer. You can choose the pocket-friendly Leh Ladakh tour package for your trip. 

The Leh Ladakh tour packages let the new couples come close to each other. You can enjoy camping under the stars and explore the beauty of the region with the beloved one. Relive your life and add some spices to it with the thrilling Ladakh tour. Book the best hotel in Leh Ladakh to enjoy quality time with your partner.

You can carry extra gumboots for bike riding. Make sure you book the Best ladakh tour package to avoid last-minute delays. 

Book affordable accommodation 

Booking the best hotel in Leh can be a bit challenging. There are lots of hotels and resorts in Leh Ladakh. You can book the Best hotel near leh airport and make your vacation memorable. The best hotel offers cozy rooms with modern amenities to offer you all comforts. The friendly staff guides the tourist to explore the Ladakh in the best way.

Most of the hotel offers excellent facilities such as car hire, multi-cuisine restaurant, free wifi, bicycle rental, room service, and others. If you are traveling to Leh for the first time you can book the hotel near Leh airport. It allows you to reach tourist places faster. Experience the royal beauty with the cheap Leh Ladakh tour package.  

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Hotel Rooms-Offer Scenic View of Mountain In Leh Ladakh

If you are looking for trekking trip, you can book the Leh Ladakh tour and enjoy the adventure activities. Book the best accommodation to stay in Leh Ladakh and feel luxurious. 

Book the best hotel to stay in Leh Ladakh 

Best hotel In Leh Ladakh offers a higher level of security and comfort to the traveler. Book luxury hotels in LehLadakh and get extra convenience on the trip. Hotels provide rooms for adults with terrace and garden. You can find out the rooms of different sizes and prices. Based on the budget and number of people, you can select the room and stay conveniently. When you stay in Leh Ladakh, you should visit popular places in Leh Ladakh.  

Get modern amenities at the hotel 

The guest is treated to the high security and top-notch service in the hotel. You can stay in the middle of the mountain and enjoy the fresh air. Staying in the luxury room soothes the soul and mind of the person. All Luxury Rooms In Leh Ladakh at the hotel are equipped with the modern amenities that offer a luxurious lifestyle. The rooms come with a separate bathroom, TV with the satellite channel, and a private seating area. The town is famous for biking and cycling so you can feel the adventure experience.

24/7 hours of room service 

You can find out premium rooms, biker rooms, executive suite, and super deluxe rooms at the luxury hotel. The hotel caters to the room for travelers like the solo traveler, couples, family, and others. The hotel offers around the clock room service and front desk. The rooms are cleaned by the room cleaning team every day.

Reenam Hotel provides well-equipped rooms with large balconies. You can explore the fantastic view of the mountain peaks from the room’s balcony. The luxury room has a king-size master bed with a quality mattress that reduces body pain. We also provide space for a corporate event and social event with quality food.

Friday, 24 June 2022

Leh Ladakh Tours: A Luxury Tour to India

If you plan a trip, it is vital to book a hotel in advance during the peak season. Ensure your hotel room is available before you arrive at the destination and offer you an excellent experience.


Usually, during the vacation season, you will plan for the tour with other people. First came and first services to earn you can pre-book the hotel room as it helps you stay out of the stress zone while looking for room services. During the season peak case, many of you will be experienced bad services in hotel service due to one mistake you made in the past. If you rush to book the best luxury Hotels in Leh Ladakh without looking at the services you will be booked, you will earn a bad experience. 


Please do not rush in Reenam Hotel booking a hotel room, as it might offer you bad experiences. Even in peak season to book excellent hotel room services, you can take profit of rewires analysis method. The hotel has all the facilities to cater and comfort the discerning travelers.


Browse Our Top Places to Stay 


You can book the best place to stay in Leh Ladakh in the pre-reservation process; you can also get a room in the middle of the city. So the traveling to tourist spot destination time will be less. Even you can experience the leh destination culture. You will earn all the above benefits by considering the hotel room services before arriving at your destination. So of it, your vacation will be in and out of the stress and smooth flow of the plan. 

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Reenam Hotel - Leh Ladakh

Leh faces a long winter of frozen landscape and yet give a beautiful picturesque. Reenam Hotel is situated in Chhubi Katpa region of Leh and is away from all the hustle and bustle of city lights. It brings about offerings that you can never deny to explore such a beautiful and precious place. Reenam Hotel satisfies your craving for peace, wander and comfort by providing you a home away from home experience. Reenam Hotel provides 34 well-appointed rooms with a thoughtfully laid central heating facility being its plus point in winter season. Reenam Hotel is endowed with relaxed airy rooms, wood floors, exposed beam ceilings, decently equipped bathrooms, reliable elevator for the easier mobility of the guests and mountain or palace view. The hotel is manned by much friendly and ever-present staff members. You will be provided a warm welcome and accommodated with bedding incorporating bed warmers in the chilling winter season. Later you will be served with deliciously cooked, fresh and warm cuisine.

Reenam Hotel in main bazar leh is just 1.5 kilometres that gives a positive note to cater and comfort the discerning traveller. You can take a half uphill walk from the market enjoying and complimenting the meditative, peaceful and quiet view of Leh. So many other explore worthy destinations can be covered from the hotel as it has well connected network of transportation. Reenam Hotel seize the beautiful essence of Ladakh.

Reenam Hotel provides you the amenities along with a spectacular view of the mountains or the Leh Palace that will inspire you to remember your vacation for a lifetime. We provide you a hotel in Ladakh with tariff that fits in a budget.

Shanti Stupa: Shanti Stupa is a white dome structure dedicated to Buddhism. The Stupa is worth watching at night when it is all illuminate by the moonlight, naturally.

Leh Palace: Leh Palace is one of the tallest buildings and offers a panoramic view of the entire town of Leh.

Pangong Lake: The most attractive place for the traveller because the colour of the lake keeps changing throughout the year or even the day!

Khardungla Pass: Khardungla pass is the mountain pass in the Ladakh region of breathtakingly beautiful Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This pass is known to be the gateway to the Shok and Nebra valleys.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Book Luxury Hotels and Visit Amazing Places in Leh Ladakh

Do you look for the best hotels in Leh Ladakh? You are landed in the best destination. You might explore a list of hotels and select exact hotels based on your requirement.

Leh Ladakh is one of the popular tourist destinations. It is incredible landscapes and high altitude desert areas. It allows tourists to visit the most famous adventure places in India. It gives beautiful and amazing views of natural attractions for travelers. If you want to experience tourist spots in the city, then you have to choose professionals. With our expert help, you might stay in comfortable rooms with necessary facilities. We are helping tourist book hotels in the city as per their requirement. We list lots of hotels in Leh Ladakh that allows people to choose the right hotel that suits their needs. 

                            Explore interesting places:

Leh Ladakh let you gain enjoyable experience on visiting various natural sites. You might enjoy a lot in dramatic mountains, colourful fluting flags, and stunning landscapes. It has three parallel mountain ranges like Ladakh, karakroram and Zanskar. You might see Best places to visit in Leh such as Pangong lake, magnetic hill, Nubra valley, Tso moriri lake, diskit gompa, Lamayuru monastery, shey monastery, Shanti stupa and much more. However, you enjoy amazing views of mountain ranges at the magnetic hill. Our professionals are helping tourists travel on the possible route and discover many places. You can spend lots of time on tourist attraction and participate in adventure sports. 

                                          Find the right time to plan a trip:

This trip let travelers discover wonderful lakes, snow-capped mountains, and other places. Our professional help tourists travel in many places with good skills. You can visit exotic attractions in the city. You might travel over the Zanskar River and beautiful places. It allows you to experience valleys and hills in the region. Our experts arrange a tour on theBest time to visit Leh Ladakh You can gain a thrilling and beautiful experience in visiting natural spots in the city. Here you can explore the best season to visit Leh Ladakh
  •        April to May
  •        May to July
  •       August to September
  •        September to October
  •        October to November
  •        November to March

These are the best time to arrange a tour in Leh Ladakh. Our experts help travellers see lots of places with good facilities. It helps you spend each time in striking tourist places. You might travel on the majestic and fantastic river. It gives a breathtaking view of beautiful mountains. 

                                           Stay on comfort room:

You can search for the best luxury hotel in Leh Ladakh through online with necessary facilities. There are different hotels offer rooms with modern facilities to nature lovers. Through online, you can compare the price of rooms and book rooms at a popular hotel. It helps you enjoy your vacation trip and stay on comfort places. Exclusive deals are available for tourists in the region. So, contact us and choose the luxury hotel on your limited budget.